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Lifehousenow can easily meet your expectations set by their approach based solutions, fast turnaround, and timely delivery. The team we have excelled in the installation of kitchen equipment adapted for both domestic and commercial accounts. Lifehousenow has more than just an understanding of the industry’s market-our core competencies. Our Think of your broker on the market! Our source product services enable customers to reduce the time and cost to find, build, and qualified sources. When you design a food service facility, the kitchen should be designed as a productive space-efficient, space-conserving. When our kitchen designers start your project, we work with you to define concepts, develop menus, and clarify your method of production. We work with your architect, interior designer, and operations personnel to ensure that the flow of food products and the most efficient operation personnel.

Lifehousenow specializes in providing solutions Full Kitchen. All come with after sales, service, warranty, installation assistance and spare parts. hotel industry is one of the fastest growing concern in the world. Regardless of evolution in cooking, recipes and style revolution in the cooking machine has occurred. Lifehousenow is an integral technology Pakistan hotel industry for bringing quality restaurant kitchen equipment of thorough practical market research we have been involved in certain standards specific to the needs of Pakistan and improve foreign technology to meet the same. Our expert engineers and dedicated workers has created a machine is suitable for hotel and need a fast food restaurant. Methodical expansion of various machines and their excellent performance which resulted in a decent reception by customers eager to manifest the secret of our success. We always continue to maintain our standards of excellence with new improvements for better results. Now, we have extended the scope of our services even for subscriptions in the country. To meet their needs to their full satisfaction, apart from our own products we have acquired the sole distribution rights of the world famous brand. We serve in the field of commercial equipment kitchen, kitchen utensils household, bakery equipment, display ice cream freezer, pizza oven with all the pizza oven accessories, ice cream machines, cooking equipment, restaurant equipment, machinery fast food, coffee machines in all ranges and best professional kitchen equipment. Lifehousenow is a manufacturer, importer and exporter of industrial kitchen equipment, coffee machines, tools and equipment superstore butchery.