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Home decor reflects your personality and talk about your taste in interior design, your understanding of color and design options. A house is only four quarters, but the combination of home decoration items and a touch of love and creativity is what changed house to house. And, living room decor is the first thing your guests notice when they visit your home. So, you can decorate your house with stylish modern decor plus a unique match your tastes. If you plan to decorate your home, but too much design experience you are confused, then rest assured, as HomeTown has a large collection of bids. Here, you will find designer home decor item, such as:   Wall decoration items: There are a variety of choices in decorating the walls, such as wall clocks, paintings, accent walls, picture frames, and decorative mirrors. You can jazz up any empty wall with decorative items to add a personal touch to the room. Office decor: Who says it's just a room that needs to be decorated? You can personalize your desk in the office with a vase, indoor plants, idols, or statues. Outdoor decorative items: Got a cute patio or balcony space? Make a mini garden with plants. You can also drop your creative side by creating a fairy garden. All you have to do is add a few statues and a small indoor fountain to complete the look. The living room decor item: Impress your guests with a luxurious center and a sofa set. You also can create in your room pooja ghar live with idols and pooja metalware. Enliven a seating area with ambient lantern and some indoor plants. decorative items for the bedroom: Sleep is a private space where you can show all your creativity. Go ahead and create a peaceful space with some candles and fragrances. You can add an elegant table lamp on the bedside cabinet and replace the old with the decorative mirror