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You only need a few key products to transform your basic bathroom to a full-blown spa experience. LifeHouseNow is not talking about your childhood bubble bath (although they did serve their purpose). we’re talking bathing reimagined, with elevated products such as oils with relaxing aromas that will make you forget you are just sitting in your home. A good bath provides an element of escapism, a moment of self-care and the ability to take your mind off the daily grind.

The bath products are something that you can drop into the water (or slather it to yourself) to transform your simple shower into a spa-like experience heavenly. Bath junkies know what we are talking about - a collection of their bath filled with everything from a relaxing bubble bath to detoxify the body's salt crystals for oil cream, and they are all deliciously addictive. customers are familiar with the lure of sensual soak. They have left thousands of rank for bath products on our site, babbling during most luxurious frothiest bath bombs and bubble bath, and call them sub-par soaks. If you're one of the women who could not find time to shower, let one of these bath products changed my mind.