About Us

At LifeHouse, our goal is to transform the way we view household products. One way to really feel at home in your property is by connecting with the pieces that make up the home. That’s why our household products represent a wide range of history and ancestry. LifeHouse is not just another website for selling online, LifeHouse is a reputable platform for a variety of clients with different needs & budgets. While we are supporting the trends of Smart Homes, we want to remind our clients that we are still human, and not robots chasing the never-ending cycle of new technology being developed daily.”

A home is a primary human need, even more important than having a homeland. Living space is a vital shelter, it is our immediate personal environment. The perceptions of a home are under our control and they make the most impact of our lives irrespective of the space. Whether it’s a shared apartment or your own family home, designing spaces with the well-being of others in mind is essential for reaching co-living harmony.

Our mission at LifeHouse is to support the realization of our customer’s dreams, everyone deserves better living. Together we can do it.